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The importance of a business plan and how to create one in 5 steps

In any area of our lives have a plan is essential and would not be different in a company’s creation. A business plan is very necessary for your company starting by it that your company will be considerate viable or not, using this document that you will show which are your objectives with your company, excepted financial return besides other important data. Through the information in your plan, the investors will have a vision of the returns that your company will generate and why they should invest in it.

You need to know about the area that you want to act to plan ideas to stay clear and consistent, decreasing the possible mistakes that a company without a plan can commit. There isn’t the right time do remake your business plan, it is changeable, so by the time when you feel that is necessary you can remake it.

5 steps to create a business plan

  • Start presenting your company 

The first thing that a possible investor needs to know when starting to see your business plan is a little about your company, the areas that you pretend to act, your services, who is managing it, and the necessary initial investment. Put in this begging your company’s location if it will have a base or it will be online.

  • Research about the scenario that your company will act

We have already talked in the introduction that you need to know the area that you wish to act, know the current scenario, your competitors, the demand that your service will have and the potential consumers is a necessary step in this process. Understand your target audience who you wish to reach with your product or service too. 

  • Divulgation 

Decide how will be your marketing, in which channels this divulgation will happen, which ways you will use to reach your target audience, know their preferences is essential. You need to know in what places your company has a feature, and which way you will convince your public that your service is worth adding.

  • Financial plan

This is one of the most important steps, by the way without money your company wouldn’t work. You need to define the necessary initial capital, the production costs, the ROI, and the minimum value that your company needs to invoice.

  • Strengths and weaknesses 

Create hypothetic situations where you can show and let clear in what are your company’s strengths and weaknesses and what are the necessary measures to take in these situations.


Make a business plan helps you to validate your idea, inside your head can pass many different ideas but not all have the potential to be viable, but with a plan, you can have a long term vision. You can review your plans and see where you can get better before putting it in practice.

A business plan doesn’t offer benefits only for startups, if you have a company that is in the market it can bring benefits for you too. This document helps to visualize how far your company still grows, helps in the profits view, and the interaction with other investors and the employees.

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