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how freelance platforms work and what are the advantages and disadvantages

If you are starting a startup or already have a company use a freelancer platform will be very important for your development. Using these platforms, you find all kind of services like website creations, logos creation, texts production, marketing and publicity, programming and system development, and many other services that a startup need.

If you work as a freelancer, the platforms are an easy way to find consumers that searching for the service that you offer. Here you will know a little more about the advantages for the freelancer and the business owner. 

Advantages for the freelancer  

For the professional that is searching for a job opportunity, that is a great tool to make a portfolio, gain experience, and understand if this is the area that wants to follow.

  • Find clients

In this platform, there are many registered clients, so different from Google or apps like LinkedIn, the companies are registered to find someone, so getting hired is easy. 

  • Safe payment

The platforms are responsible for ensuring the freelancer’s payment, have the guarantee that will receive your payment when finishing the service because the money stays on the platform and when the work is concluded it is released. 

  • Good assistance 

Most platforms have quality assistance available for a doubt that the freelancer could have. So, you must search before chose the platform that you will use, chose a qualified one that offers high security.

Disadvantages for freelancers 

  • Low values 

Many professionals are opting by work as freelancers competition is hard and, a few times, to have a “highlight” some professionals offer a low price, and you end up needing to lower the prices for having a chance to hire.

  • Fees 

Some platforms charge a fee that is a percentage for each service. This percentage can change. 

  • Auctions 

As we mentioned above, numbers of freelancers are increasing and connected with this a big number of options to the consumers chose. So, the only way out ends up being the auctions, where many times who wins is who offers a low price, not the best service.

Advantages for the startup/company

We’ve already talked in the beginning that using these platforms, you can find professionals to provide many essential services for you, but now we will go deeper into the advantages of hiring a freelancer. 

  • Communication with the freelancer

You can talk to the freelancer that you hired to decide the details of your project and talk to someone that you plan to hire. 

  • Low values

Using these platforms, you have access to many professionals this way you find many prices too. The price depends exclusively on the size of your project and, when the time the professional will needs to dedicate itself to it, probably will receive many different proposals after you only need to analyze and decide which professional and price more pleases you. 

  • Safety 

If you are thinking, “but what if the freelancer doesn’t finish my project?” you don’t need to care about this using this platform you have the guarantee that if your project is not delivered, the freelancer won’t receive the payment. When the company make the payment, the money stays on the platform and is only released when the service is ready this way, offer safety to both sides. 

  • Quality service 

On these platforms, each freelancer profile has a reputation and, the professionals want to keep a good reputation, to always receive offers, so they value the quality of their services. So, you can be sure that they will best offer you a good result and in the combined time. 


The freelancer market has only increased and, the trend is to keep increase but, before becoming a freelancer is important to consider several things and, the platforms could be a great local that you can decide if this is the area you want to follow and meet several customers.

For the startups that are looking for these services and don’t have a lot of money, these platforms are perfects, but it is important to see the recommendations of each freelancer, study their qualifies and, don’t choose the professional just by the price. 

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