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what is e-mail marketing and how this strategy can be useful for your startup

E-mail marketing is a digital marketing technique where many e-mails are sent at the same time for your customers and target audience. That is a great tactic to create a good relationship with your customers and with other companies because the e-mails are seen as a more informal way of communicating. You can do this using tools and platforms; on this platform you can schedule the days of the e-mail’s shots.

Through these e-mails that you will be able to have contact with the lead that made a record on your website or blog, the e-mail marketing becomes the main means of communication between you and your lead. 

Reasons for use e-mail marketing

  • Ensured delivery 

Using the e-mails, you have the guarantee that your consumer will receive, while using other marketing methods like social media your post may not be seen by your target audience. 

  • Great extent 

Currently, more than 2,5 billion people use the e-mail, only having in mind this data we can have an idea of the number of people that your e-mail will reach, and by the time the trend is that this number increase even more. The amount of people that you will reach only depends on the number of leads that you have. 

  • Very fast 

The e-mails are probably the faster way to contact the user, on a few seconds, your e-mails will arrive for a high number of people.

  • Low cost and high ROI

E-mail marketing is the marketing digital strategy that requires the lowest investment value, besides being possible to use free platforms to realize this task and how the investment value is low ends bringing good results for your company.

  • Creation possibility 

You can add many things to your e-mails to let them more interactives with the leads. You can add images, videos, songs, and other tools too. 

Difference between e-mail marketing and SPAM

The main difference is in the fact that the recipient’s consent about these two types of e-mails, which aims the disclosure of something. Sometimes you can even have the recipient’s agreement, but for not having credibility, your e-mail ends up not passing through anti-spam. 

We can say that the SPAM is an illicit way of shot the e-mails having in mind the lead’s interests, but without their permission for this. SPAM means Sending and Posting Advertising in Mass, what some companies do is buy online e-mails banks of websites that work with registers and start to send many e-mails for the people that have a registration. 


E-mail marketing is a perfect option for your startup, company, and brand’s digital marketing, also bringing a benefit-cost and a low investment cost. To use this resource, you only need to have a website address and a person to take care of these e-mails for you. Choosing the platform that you are going to use is essential. That is a resource that worth the investment, and is very important that you give special attention to the details and your e-mail quality so you can get through the anti-spam. 

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