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Do you dream about starting a business? See 5 ideas to 2020

Today have an own business becomes a dream for several people, when we talk about being your boos, make your schedules, and work in your way, it is a thing that draws people’s attention. And in this article, we will show you some ideas to start your business in 2020.

Online business

Online businesses are always growing, and the best advantage of starting a business, like this, is the fact that you don’t need to focus in a specific area, the internet is a gigantic world of possibilities and, several areas that you can explore. We can say that is the best choice for who intends to start from zero and with low money to invest.

Applications also are in the online business and are an area that is developing a lot this time. You can find other ideas about how to create a successful app and the best ideas of apps, accessing our other articles.

E-commerces are growing non-stop, and this is related to the fact that these stores dispense a physical place and don’t need a big team, but you still need to invest your time to make the store grow, and invest in divulgation.


The food area is diverse offering for you many possibilities of investment food is something that all always, going to need, so if you developed an accessible business probably employees going not to miss.

We need to think about the competition too, because at the same time there are several investment areas there is the competition, having this in mind try to develop something with personality. There are exclusives groups as vegetarians, vegans, people that care about their health and education food, and many others, so focus on one of them to develop your business can be a good option.

Food trucks are a great option and are great to focus on a kind of food, you can choose typic foods as Mexicans, Italians, Japanese, and others.


Clothes are another sector that people cannot live without, and the areas are diverse you can choose a specific niche to focus on or a store with several departments. Some options could be:

· Kids clothes

· Loopholes

· Feminine clothes

· Party clothes rental

· Professional Stylist


Another sector that can be a nice investment is the beauty area, and the esthetic area people care a lot with their appearance mainly nowadays where the access to internet stimulates this concern a lot. In this area, you can explorer many niches. Some good examples are:

· Beaty salons

Opening a salon, you can explore several services inside it.

· Makeup classes

People looking for makeup knowledge either to do it for themselves or to open their own business.

· Manicure

· Eyebrow and hair removal

· Massages

Health and sport

Another trend that relates to aesthetics is the health part and gyms, it is a sector in constant evolution, and with a big market to explore. Gyms are always full, and usually, people with a goal that intend to reach it will connect the gym with nutrition, and this can become an area to explore.

· Personalize stores

· Personal training

· Gyms

Business consulting

Business consulting is an area that you can explore a lot, companies always need consulting in diverse areas, and this can be the key for you open and start your business. But of course, that experience is essential in this area.

· Marketing

Marketing is essential for any company to be able to stay in the market, this area is very embracing, and you can explore even marketing as all of the digital marketing that is rising.

· Financial

Financial support is essential for the operation in any company even more in crisis times. But, you need to build a good reputation and credibility in this area, besides, already have an experience in business financials.


As we saw throughout the article, the options to start our own business are countless, even more, when we talk about online business. But what several people don’t think is that the responsibility and organization are essentials in these moments, so before you start a business already have a plan and be aware of how much you will need to dedicate mainly at the beginning, to know how to create a business plan, and how it can help the stable growth of your company read our other article.  

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