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4 best books/eBooks apps

Nowadays, eBooks apps are common is an easier way to take your book everywhere. Besides books on these apps, there are magazines, newspapers, and audiobooks. Here we separated the best four apps for you to know the functionalities of each one. 

1. Google Play Books

Google Play Books is Google’s digital books on it you find the books of all the genres some paid and others not. If the books are paid, and you don’t want to buy the platform offers to you apart for you read, see if you like, and decided if you will buy or not. You can download some books and magazines to read after, when you are without internet, or print out the book. Is possible to translate a part of the book using this app and quote it. Google has partnerships with libraries of all the world, which makes it possible for the users to have access to books in many languages. 

You can create a digital library with your favorite books using the Google Play Books, inside of your library you can organize your books in bookshelves, this way facilitating your access to them.  

2. Apple Books

If you have an IOS device that can be the perfect app for you, on it you find the books that are popular at the moment, you can search by genre, and make a list with the books that you intend to read. All the books that you are reading stay separated and, you can continue reading where you left off. 

On Apple books are possible to download books to read off-line, this download can be done for your device or stay stored in the cloud. In your library, the books can be organized alphabetically, by author, by the latest book, or organize manually according to your preference. 

You can create bookmarks, change the font of the letter, increase the shine, and add a bot mode. This app is only available if you have an IOS device. On the Mac works a little different from the iPad or iPhone, but with the same principle.  

3. Kindle 

Kindle is Amazon’s eBooks app and is one of the most popular and used. You can install this app, in your device it is compatible with almost everyone, or buy one Kindle device to take everywhere with you. You can start your account on Kindle using your Amazon account. It has a technology Whispersync that allows the user to read the same book in different devices without losing notes and page that stopped you can personalize your book collection organizing in the best way for you. On Kindle, there is a dictionary, so you select the word that you want and, the app will look for the definition in the dictionary or on the Wikipedia page. 

4. Kobo Books 

Kobo despite, not being so well known in The United States, is one great option for reading your books. It has synchronization with other devices so, you can continue to read your book where you left off using all your devices. Kobo has more than 5 million titles available you can search by genre or see the most popular ones. It has annotation tools, day/night mode, integrated dictionary, and allows you to download your books too.

There is the Kobo Touch reading device of Kobo that costs more than the Amazon device, the Kindle, so before you decide which one you should buy searching more about each one.

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