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Learn how to use WhatsApp to improve your company’s performance

WhatsApp was launched in 2009, and it was sold to Facebook in 2014, today is one of the most used messages apps in the world, it has more than 2 billion users. In reason of its great extend use the WhatsApp becomes a good way to reach your customer and create a good means of communication between you and your employers. 

 Over the years, this app was getting more users and launching more resources to make the user have a nice and safe experience.

How to use the WhatsApp with your team

  • Create separate groups for each area in your company

The groups are the perfect way to be able to communicate with all the employers only with one message you can create separate groups by projects or sectors that your company has. But remember that group is only for work, so avoid sending messages out of the work time or very informal stuff. 

  • Use the WhatsApp Web

Using the app on your phone is possible to connect to your computer, and this way, it becomes easier to be able to work and always have access to the messages that are coming.

  • Establish rules 

It is necessary to explain to your employers the group’s purpose, make it clear that they will be used only for work matters and relevant messages for the company. You can create groups to separate the employee interaction from the work part too. 

How to use the WhatsApp Business with your customers 

WhatsApp Business is a great app to use inside of your startup or if you have a small company, improve your digital marketing and communication with your customers.

To open an account is very easy:

  1. Download the app on your device app store
  2. Agree with the terms
  3. Allow the app to access your photos and files
  4. Put your commercial phone number

WhatsApp Business tools

  • Catalog 

Using this app is possible to make a catalog of your products, you access the configurations, company configurations, and select catalog. Then only add your product or service you add photos if you want, can put the price and an abstract with the product description. It is also possible to add links and code. This way, when you are talking with a client you can send the catalog with all the products and services that your company offers. 

  • Statistics 

The app offers statistics for you to have an idea of how your marketing campaign is doing. It is possible to have access to the number of reads, of delivered, and of clients that got in touch with you. 

  • Organization tags

You can organize your clients with tags to know how the situation is of each one. You can make tags with the themes you want and are according to your company.

  • Automatic and quick messages 

It is possible to program post to be sent for your new customer every time that they send you a message we call this greeting messages. Some messages can be sent if some customers contact you outside office hours. Quick messages nothing else are than the standard answers for the same doubts that more than one customer can have, you can type a shortcut for your message, and all will appear.  

  • Integration with Facebook

You can use this resource to divulge your WhatsApp on your Facebook page, and with a button present in your ads on social media, your client will have an open chat to talk to you. That is a cool resource for medium and big companies.


Use the WhatsApp in your company can bring several benefits and transform your workplace into a more functional place, assisting in the communication between you and your employers. WhatsApp Business offers resources and exclusives functions that facilitate communication with your customer, become a great way of marketing digital, and boost your business.

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