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Why invest in e-commerce? Discover what it is, the advantages, and the trends

What is it?

E-commerce is commerce realized online, whole sales process, publicity, all the transactions, in general, are realized virtually. When we think about e-commerce, the first thing that comes into our mind are virtual stores, but it is not limited only in stores. All that you make for your business, a set of online strategies may be classified as e-commerce, however, the virtual stores continue being the most reference in this area. 

Advantages of opening an e-commerce 

  • Convenience 

When we talk about online business convenience, and flexibility are factors that come together. You can work anywhere, make flexible times, and give for your business a shape according to your routine. 

  • High reach 

You can sell any time of the day without a limit of time, your business can work 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Further increasing the reach. 

  • Low cost 

If we compare the existing cost for opens a physical store to the cost to start e-commerce, the values are very different. The amount for creating an online business is lower, so have a short budget for investment is not a factor that stops you from starting.

  • Flexibility 

When you have an online business, change strategies when things are not well is easy, different from an establishment where for changing the stuff is necessary a strong effort. You can change anytime and try different strategies in your business. 

  • Marketing

Marketing is not a simple thing and requires dedication in any type of company, but when you are on the digital medium, some things get easy. 

  • Access to data 

Opening e-commerce, you can have access to all your business’ metrics, Google has a platform called Analytics, and this platform offers all the data that you need to know about your company.

Channels to start your salles 

  • Social media 

Many people use social media today, which turns these networks great places for visibility. Specialized platforms are present inside of social media as Instagram Shopping, but these are not the places whose principal function is e-commerce, so sometimes problems can happen.

  • Virtual store

Virtual stores are websites which the merchants create especially for their products, the whole creation is up to the seller from the layout until the design. You can use platforms specializing in website creation. 

  • Marketplace 

The marketplace is places like eBay and Amazon, where the merchants can show their products. They work as online malls, and for this reason, all need to follow the rules, so before starting to use, search all the company rules, to have no problem. 

Best investments for 2020

  • Chatbot

A chatbot is nothing more than an artificial intelligence that talks to your consumer, and it becomes a trend. Already being used for a while, so you must invest in a quality product.

Discover more:

  • Recurring product 

It is good for your business to offer recurring products for your consumers because this way, you already have a forecast of how much you will receive in the long-term. 

  • Next day delivery

People are tending to want things as soon as possible. Amazon is an example of a company that offers this kind of resource. Think about invest in this because it becomes a good way to attract more consumers to your brand. 

  • Voice search

This type of search is becoming a trend. More and more people are opting by doing their searches this way, so have a good SEO apply on your website is essential to appear as a result. 


E-commerce is an area of constant growth and promise developed itself more and more in the next years, so if you are in doubt about open a physical store, a branch, or opt by an online business, probably e-commerce will be the best option. Besides, they don’t need high investments, and the return is faster. Now that you already knew a little more about how e-commerce works, choose the area that will invest, and start your business! 

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