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How to generate good leads and the advantages of qualified leads

Lead is a potential consumer that has already shown interest in your service or product. In the last few years, the leads have become very evident and an excellent business opportunity these costumers leave their contact information for the company to contact. 

Difference between leads and qualified leads

Leads can be any person that, for some reason, you get the phone number or the e-mail address, but in no time showed interest in the service that you offer, it is the main difference when we talk about leads and qualified leads. The qualified leads have already shown an interest in your company, and, have the potential to become a customer, they have a problem that your company can solve. 

Understanding this difference is essential to get good leads, that will bring some good results for you in the future. 

Advantages of qualified leads 

When you can reach the qualified leads the advantages that arrive for your business are many:

  1. Avoid possible mistakes and frictions 
  2. Increase the conversion 
  3. Increase productivity 

When you get in touch with the qualified leads you can understand the right way to start contact with the costumers, thus avoiding problems and frictions. Lead to customer conversion increase, because these consumers already know the product or service that your company offers. Much time is saved in this process and productivity increases. 

The lead generation is very useful, also when the business has two teams to realize this work, one focus on the marketing and another responsible for the sales. 

How to generate leads 

Nowadays, digital marketing offers many possible ways and possible media for the leads generation becomes possible:

  • Landing page

It is the capture page, this page has all the elements to become the visitor a lead the users fall on that page when they click on some divulgation link. Usually, they are very useful in the marketing campaign because they have a high conversion rate. 

  • Facebook and Instagram 

Facebook and Instagram have become a great way to attract leads for the company because social media are the places where most people spend their time all day long. 

Facebook has the Facebook Ad that already has custom forms for the lead capture. Instagram has nothing specific just for the lead’s generation yet, but it has passed for any updates related to Instagram Ad, so possibly soon they should launch something. At the moment, it is possible to use other resources such as placing the landing page link on the bio. 

  • Google Ads 

Google Ads can be a good option, because your ads will be shown for the people which are looking for the service that you offer, but for invest in Google Ads is important to have a plan to have a return on the investment. 

  • Forms 

The forms are tools where you can pick up the contact of your customers. It is essential that the main channels of your company there is a form for registration. The presence of forms can increase a lot of your company’s performance. 

  • Blog 

A blog is a very good marketing digital form, using a blog is possible to centralize all the information and contents of the company. They can attract visitors by Google search or another divulgation way. It is important to connect the blog with the leads generation, including forms. 

  • E-mail marketing 

You can use the e-mails to send personalized offers based on the interest of your contacts. But careful not to get sending spam messages and know the time to stop insist in the contacts that are not giving feedback. 

These are some examples of resources that you can explore for lead generation.


Leads are essential to keep and get good results in the business. With the advance of digital marketing, several ways to generate these customers were created so use it in your favor and explore until finding the way that most fits with your business’s profile. 

Each company must find ways to improve their campaign and focus on the target audience, that way will be easier to reach the potential customers are looking for. 

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