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6 of the richest young entrepreneurs in the world

Today is not necessary years of work to reach success, the technology, and the digital mediums facilitate a lot the way to success, for many people. 

These young entrepreneurs reached success in creating innovative projects and always persisting in what they believed. In this article, you will know some of the most successful young people in the technology area. 

1. David Karp 

David Karp is a young North American entrepreneur that became famous for creating the Tumblr. At eleven, he started to project websites for companies, by the time he was fifteen, he decided to start to study at home and never received a high school diploma. Received an offer to work at UbanBaby, and at 17, he moved to Tokyo. After in 2006 decided to start his own software consulting company, and in 2007 launched the Tumblr with 75 thousand employees. In 2013 the company was bought by Yahoo for US$ 1,1 billion, and at only 28 years, Karp already had a fortune of US$ 190 million. 

2. Kevin Systrom 

Systrom is an Instagram co-founder. Since very young, he started to program, went to Stanford, and in his free time used to program. After quitting his job at Google, where he worked in the marketing area, he started to work at a Facebook startup called Nextstop. At this startup developed the company’s website, and he has started to work in a project that had the goal of share photos from glocalization. Receiving a high investment, he quitted Nexstop and began to focus on Instagram. 

After only 24 hours, Instagram had more than 25 thousand accounts. In 2012 the social media was bought by Facebook for US$ 1 billion, Systrom has a fortune of approximately US$ 280 million. 

3. Mike Krieger 

He is another Instagram co-founder; Mike is a software developer that studied at Stanford, and there knew Kevin Systrom. He is Brazilian born at São Paulo, and his fortune, is estimated at US$ 100 million. After Instagram was sold for Facebook, he became a millionaire before the thirty. 

4. Nick D’Aloisio 

D’Aloisio is a young 17 years old English that became a millionaire after sold his app for Yahoo for US$ 30 million. The app that he created called Summly is an application for reading news Nick had the idea when he was studying and making frustrated searches on Google. With the app, the users can easily read short news texts on their cell phone scream. 

5. Ben Silbermann 

Silbermann is the Pinterest co-founder and CEO today the social media, is evaluated in more than US$ 12 billion. Ben is one of the richest people in the world, with a fortune of US$ 1,6 million. Before launched this platform, he worked in the publishing area at Google, and in 2009 Ben and two friends founded Pinterest. 

6. Mark Zuckerberg 

When Mark was a teenager started to learn about the program and decided to go to Harvard, where he and more three friends created Facebook at this time, Zuckerberg was 19 years old. In the begging, it was used in the college campus and, over time, started to interest more people. Today Mark still owns Facebook, and the company has many other apps, his fortune is estimated at more than US$ 100 billion.

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