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5 tips to create a good e-mail marketing and the best platforms to use

E-mail marketing is very present when the subject is digital marketing several people say that is the main tool for your company’s marketing, so we have separated some tips for you to make a good e-mail and the best platforms for your use in the process.

Tips for creating a good e-mail

  1. Personalize your e-mails 

Offer your audience a content that is of interest to them is very important, and a good tactic for this is to know your audience using searching forms to see the type of content that they like. Another tool for letting your e-mails more personal is to put the consumer’s name.

2. Include numbers and data 

Put numbers, data, percentages, and everything that can get your lead’s attention. But don’t forget to put real information, these data require more attention at the read time. 

3. Avoid using capital letters and words.

These two factors can make it difficult for your e-mail to pass in the anti-spam. Texts with capital letters are more likely to be barred, and some words that usually are used by SPAM like for free, click here, and others are more likely to be barred too. 

4. Avoid long texts and put images.

Probably the lead will only make a superficial reading on your text, so use images that get attention is a good idea. Besides that longs, texts will disinterest the reader. 

5. Do not send too many e-mails. 

Send e-mails every day for your consumers can’t be a smart thing to do leads will be tired, and probably will not want to receive more. Good ideas are weekly e-mails or two to three times per week.

Best platforms 

  • Pepipost 

The Pepipost was founded in 2015 and is a great way to send your e-mails in a few seconds, another benefit of this platform is the fact that the opened e-mails, are not charged. The charged price is US$10 only once, and it has a free version too. The available resources are e-mails management, SPAM blocker, answers management, queue management, and black/white list. It has 24 hours of customer service and great reviews of the users.

  • Malinum 

Malinum was founded in 2010, has a worldwide infrastructure, and more than 150,00 companies using its resources. Offers 24 hours of services, it can transform your e-mails ideas in reality, offers programmatic API and analyses, data reports, and many other services. 

Offers a free version, and the paid version cost US$0,01 per month. You can implement the cloud, SaaS, and web. It has a great review of the users.

  • Mailchimp 

Mailchimp was founded in 2001 and can be one of the main allies for your company’s growth, offers several features for you to offers the best services for your consumers. It goes beside the services that the most e-mail marketing platforms offer, some of Mailchimp services are social marketing, searching marketing, web forms, data analysis, ROI tracking, and others.

 It offers a free version and a paid plan that costs US$9,99 per month. 

  • Drip

Drip is a useful tool for e-commerce, it offers more personalized marketing and supports millions of data. It shows you which are the more involved leads, collect your leads data, and which worth paying special attention. Drip has e-mails automation that helps you to create qualified e-mails, and that attract your consumer’s attention. You can create leads pages, personalize your Facebook page, send SMS, and many other things. 

Offers a free version and paid plans, the cheaper plan costs US$49, and there is a plan for companies too. 

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