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Know the first steps to start your e-commerce and the types that exist

There are several definitions for e-commerce, but in a general way, we can say that are a group of online practices, all the operations that you do inside of your business that works online.

Types of e-commerce

  • B2C (business to consumer)

It is the model of e-commerce where the company interacts directly with the consumer we can use virtual stores as an example. It is the type that most resembles a physical store.

  • B2B (business to business)

How the name says, the model works between business, and companies this model a company sells to another. Usually used by wholesale products and it is a type well recurring.

  • B2A (business to administration) 

That model happens between a company and a public institution. They are not so common, because this service is difficult than only sells to the regular consumer but can be advantageous for providing long contracts.

  • C2B (consumer to business)

In this model, we can say that happens an inversion of what usually happens is when the consumer offers something for the company. An example can be when some brand makes a competition to choose the best logo at this moment, consumers will give something to the business.

  • M-Commerce (mobile commerce) 

This model is growing as a result of the large number of people that use mobile devices to realize their online shopping. It won a provisory term, and the number does not stop to increase in this sector.

  • C2C (consumer to consumer)

They are companies, websites, platforms that give the possibility to consumers to make the sales and exchanges between them. An example can be eBay. This way, buy used products becomes easy.

  • S-Commerce (social commerce) 

This model refers to commerce on social media that type is growing in the function of these platforms and is caring about creating a model to make this commerce happens. It can be useful for companies to get visibility.

First steps to start your e-commerce 

  • Planning 

It is not possible to start any business without an initial plan, so before any other step is essential that you spend time thinking about this, decide your acting area, the financial part, your goals, and plan as much you can to decrease the possible mistakes. 

  • Know where to look for suppliers

Many times, just with a simple search on Google, you will not get finding the providers that you need, so try to find other ways, as fair in your area or even places in big cities. When talking about providers, have in mind that you need to look online and offline. 

  • Set up the company’s structure 

It is time to get the company off the ground and provide everything your company needs to get started. Also is time to define how will works the payment methods and the shipping goods.

  • Layout and website surfing 

If you decide to start an online store or choose to open a site for your business, define how going to works the website, the design, deciding how you will work the visual part of your brand is very important. 

  • Marketing digital 

Probably one of the most important facts for your company starts to work because, does not matter has all the thing already if your consumers don’t know your brand. 

  • Do a good service 

Even though you are starting is important to give special attention to your consumers, never stop responding to your consumers, and take time to give attention to them. 

  • Salles 

Establish how will happens you salles, which way you will sell your product for your consumer, you can choose to sell, in social media, or use a marketplace. Start with little and make reposition of your products when necessary. 


E-commerce’s models are many, and you can choose which one fix most with the business that you are planning to start. You must plan before opening your online business and have everything already to prevent mistakes. 

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