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What is fintech? See the biggest in the world and the advantages of this type of company

Fintechs are like startups but related to the financial industry. The name is a result of the junction between financial and technology. They have the purpose of facilitating the financial transactions for their customer using technology, the majority of them have apps that allow the control of many financial operations through your electronic devices. There are already more than 5,5 thousand in all world, and this model of business is becoming more and more a worldwide trendy. 

Even don’t being a new creation in the last few years, with the internet growing the fintech started to become popular. Annually US$ 30 to US$ 40 billion are invested in fintechs. 

What is the difference between startups and fintechs? 

Fintechs are startups too and have the same characteristics but have as the main focus use the technology to facilitate the financial transitions. Startups are companies that equal fintechs use the technology to solve the problems of the customers, but are not obligatory connected with the financial industry.

Advantages of fintechs 

The great advantage of fintechs in relation to the traditional banks is the fact that these institutions have much less bureaucracy, what gives to their customers, favorable conditions for having access to the services that these platforms offer, how don’t have almost anyone physic agency they can offer lower rates and this becomes attractive for the users. They are looking for pass security guarantee for the customers, for that they invest a large amount in this area.

There are fintechs of many types and the service that you need, without doubts, you will find. Using the technology, they can offer complex resources and with facility for their customers. Not to mention the ease of being able to do all the things online, without being necessary to go to an agency and stay in the line. 

Biggest fintechs in the world 

Those are some of the biggest fintechs in the world and a little about their stories:

  • Cionbase 

That is an American company founded in 2012, and when we talk about cryptocurrencies there is no way not to mention this fintech. It is already a unicorn startup. 

  • Nubank 

Nubank was founded in 2013 by three partners, at the beginning only with 60 employees and today has more than 20 thousand. It is evaluated in US$ 14 billion and is considered one of the most innovative companies in Latin America. Offers many services for their customers, between them card without annually and loan. 

  • Robinhood Markets 

The purpose of this company is to enable its customers to invest in the stock market without the need to pay a transition rate. It was founded in 2013 and worth US$ 5 billion. 

  • Ant Financial 

It is the most valuable fintech in the world, evaluated in US$ 150 billion. Its app has more than one billion users, and its users can pat using just a QR code. 

  • Stripe 

That North American startup has between its customers, big companies like Amazon and Google. It is a company that helps in the time to make online payments and already passed famous companies in this area like PayPal. Its value is US$ 35 billion. 


As we talked about in this article fintechs are the future of the financial market, these startups are evolving more and more, using all the resources that the technology offers to make bank bureaucracy non-exist. All the process happens 100% online, and this way, all becomes easy for the customer. One of the biggest fears of the people, when we talk about the online financial market, is about security, if it is your fear too, do not worry about it, connected with the fintechs evolution the investments in this area increase and consequently the investment in security.  

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