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How Fiverr freelancer platform works

Freelancer services are becoming very common because people are looking for more alternatives and flexibles work ways, where they may make their schedules and don’t work for a specific place but offer services for many companies.

If you have a startup use these services can help you a lot because on their you find freelancers that offer the most varied types of services that can be essentials for your business. In this article, you will know and understand how works the platform Fiverr.

To know more about the benefits that this kind of platform can offer access:how freelance platforms work and what are the advantages and disadvantages

How Fiverr works

Fiverr is one of the biggest freelancer platforms around the world on it the professionals can post their projects and, this way is easier for the customer to chose who they will hide. You have access to the price before, no need to lose time with different budgets.

There are some free courses that the platform offers many subjects. Fiverr connect seller and customer of all the world. Besides, being easy and simple to use.

You can use the platform for free, but exist the Fiverr Pro, where you can enhance some tools.

Why hire a freelancer on Fiverr?

Make sense you are worried about hiring a freelancer, because sometimes you don’t have sure if those people are able to offer the service that you need, but we will show you the reasons for your trust on Fiverr.

· Seller level

On the platform, you can see the level of the seller that you are hiding. The levels are:

1. New seller

This seller is inexperienced.

2. Level 1

The seller needs to reach at least a service with high satisfaction and be on the platform for at least 60 days.

3. Level 2

This seller delivered at least 50 services with high satisfaction and within the time limit.

4. Top-rated

This seller is the most reliable. For them to reach this level, they need to have delivered more than 100 services with high satisfaction and use the platform for at least 180 days.

· Fast deliveries

If you need to receive a service but have a short time, then Fiverr is a good option, most of them make the delivery fast sometimes in less than 48 hours.

· Communication with the freelancer and reviews

Fiverr offers easy communication between the customer and the seller, so you don’t need to worry about this.

The reviews can help a lot in the decision time. The platform offers to personalize filters depend on the type of service that you wish.

· Accessible prices

Price may vary according to the service that you are looking for, but using Fiverr is possible to hire someone US$5. Another factor that chances the price is the freelancer level usually, the beginners will charge less and, if you are starting a startup now, this could be a good option for you.


Advantages for the freelancer

Fiverr many offers resources for the freelancers, also being an easy platform and, that has many customer then facilitates your hiring.

· Personalized links

You can create a personalized link and share them in other places, like tour social media.

· Create packs

It is possible to create packages with different prices and service offerings. That can be a great option to attract customers.

· Gig

You can post projects that you have done, being a great way for a customer to be interested in your services.

· Payment methods

The payments can be made using the Paypal, credit card, credit Fiverr, BitCoin, and Skrill.


If you wish to invest in the freelancer area, whether hiring or offering these services, the Fiverr can be a great start. But we must not forget that, some fees are charged, for the customer a fee of 10%, and for the seller a fee of 20% in each service provided. 

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