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Should I invest in podcasts? See how this resource can help your digital marketing

Podcasts are “files” available in audio form, can be about the most different content. We can say that are radio programs, but the listener can listen at any moment when it wants. Recently these audio programs have been growing on many platforms, and you can find podcasts on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, and in several other media and streaming services. 

The best thing about them is that independent of your actuation area podcasts will be a great option for you. That is a type of service that can be explored by all the segments and please your audience. In 2019 podcasts moved US$ 1 billion of recipe. 

Reasons to invest in podcasts

They can be an excellent investment area for people that want to invest in some internet area and don’t know very well where to start yet, or if you have a company and looking for a way to attract your audience, the podcasts can be a good marketing way. Here we will give some examples of some reasons why you should start to invest in this area: 

  • Reach

When we talk about the reach of podcasts we can explore two sides, first the fact that they are versatile, and for this reason, can reach many areas and themes. The second point is the fact that they have a high mobile reach because different from some video and lecture content is possible to listen to them anywhere isn’t necessary reserve time just for this in your day. It is possible to adapt them to your routine.

  • Digital Marketing 

There are several ways to develop digital marketing, and using podcasts can be one of these ways. The idea to differentiate yourself and becomes it in attractive content for your audience is to discover how you can work this resource into your company and related to the type of service or product that you offer.

 It is related to adapt to market demand, think that many times the audience can not want to separate a part of the day to read an article or watch a video, so using the podcasts, you offer another way for your customer to access your content. 

  • Sell your public and make a loyal audience 

When you make a podcast, the main idea is not to talk all the time about your product or work this resource as a commercial 100% of the time. It is necessary to attract an audience that has an interest in the kind of informative content that you offer and sometimes ad your service, this way, you will consolidate your audience and, at the same time, sell your product. 

According to researches, more than 60% of people already bought some service that listened about during a podcast. 

  • Low cost  

A factor that helps a lot to risk and starts investing in this type of content is the low cost in the production. You don’t need to think about creating scenery and about buy much equipment or provide a big team to focus on this.

How to create a good podcast?

  • Know your audience 

The first step, like in any other type of digital marketing, is essential to know your audience and the kind of content they search. 

  • Define the content 

Now is time to define which will be the content that you will talk about. Remember that if it will be a company’s podcast is important to relate the content with the service that you offer. Also is at this moment that you need to define the shape of your podcast can be an interview, individual, the time, and things like that. 

  • Analyze your competition 

See which will be your competition and in what way you can differentiate yourself from them. 

  • Choose a name 

A name is important to pass the identity of your podcasts. You should choose something related to your company, and that will help the customer to relate both.

  • Define the team

You need a good crew to offer qualified content. Even that the podcasts don’t require a high investment is important to invest in a good microphone. There are some programs that you can use to record and edit your podcasts. 

  • Divulgation 

It is important to engage in publicity to reach your audience. Advertise in social media and try to the public in platforms that have credibility. 

Now that you already know which are the benefits that a podcast can bring to your company, follow our tips, and put this marketing strategy into practice. 

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