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How these startups started and have become the most famous social media apps worldwide

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Social media have a very important role in people’s lives, giving us the possibility to stay connected with people that we know and those we don’t know too, don’t matter the distance. Here you will meet the stories of the biggest social media and how you can use them. 


TikTok is a Chinese content production application, you can do short videos, challenges, dubs, and it gives to the user many production tools to produce these videos. This platform has become viral among teens and nowadays has more than 500 million active users per month. ByteDance, which is the most valuable startup in the world, is the TikTok owner.

It was launched in China in 2016 and started to be very successful there, after in 2017 was launched by IOS and Android and became available in many countries. Its first name was Douyin and was only changed after Byte Dance bought a dubbing app that was already famously called, so from the junction of these two apps came to the TikTok.

Many people of different ages use the TikTok, but the main audience is the teens, many famous artists use this social media like Will Smith, Ariana Grande, Post Malone, BTS, and others. Besides attracting famous people, TikTok makes people stay famous and today many profiles have millions of followers. 


Instagram is a social media that today has more than 800 million active users per month, was developed by a Brazilian and an American, was launched in 2010 and in 2012 had already more than 100 million users. At first was only available for IOS devices and after being bought by Facebook started to be available for Android devices too. Facebook paid 1 billion dollars on Instagram. 

This platform allows sharing of photos, videos, allows lives, you can tag people in your stories and posts, have the stories where there are many filters you can choose your story privacy and make boomerangs. Users can follow profiles to see all the posts, send messages on direct and make group calls for up to six people, and comment in the posts too. 

It is a great social media for digital marketing, you can create a profile for your brand or company using the Facebook page.


Facebook has a famous story, the app was developed in 2004 by two Harvard students, and in the beginning, was only available for Harvard’s students and slowly started to be available for other university students too, intending to make people know each other. In 2005 already had more than 5 million users.

Over time this social media started to provide access to more people and today has more than 2,5 million access per month. There are resources like sharing photos and videos, add friends, stories creation, and others. Facebook has its app for messages called Messenger where users can make calls too.


The first idea was a platform based on SMS where everyone would send messages for the same phone number and could see what their friends were doing. It was founded in 2006 by four people among investors and friends, was developed in a startup called Odeo which at this time had 14 employers. Today has 115 million active users per month. 

In this social media you can write tweets with up to 208 characters, this for don’t lose the initial idea of messages like SMS, your profile may be private or public. The tweets that you give like stay available for your followers in the same way that theirs likes to stay available for you.

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