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What is AWS and which are the benefits that brings to your company

Amazon began in 1994 in The United States and started as an online service. Today is present in all the world and is one of the 500 more valuable brands in the world worth more than US$ 220,7 billions.

Amazon Web Services

The AWS was founded in 2006 is a cloud serves platform, offers services like security, storage, computation, software testing, mobile devices, and others. Big companies, startups, government agencies are using these services to streamline, innovate, and reach the biggest number of people. There is a service pay-as-you-go which means you only pay as you use the services. We can say that are IT resources that you access as your necessities in an online way. It has a reach in 24 regions of the world and 76 available zones.


Agility and scalability

Using these services, you can access many technologies making your company grow faster in an effective way. You may test your services and offer better results for your consumers.

Global reach

With the cloud you and your company have a global reach only in a few seconds, reaching your consumers, sell your products and apps with speed and efficiency.


You can automate manual security tasks this way having more time to realize other services and reducing possible mistakes, use datacenter and many services for your data security. All the moment you have access to the local where your data are stored.

Low cost

The services are charged by the hour, so depending on the demand you can adjust the computational capacity. Another factor that decreases unnecessary spending is the pay-as-you-go it possible that you just pay when you use this way doesn’t stabilize a long-term contract.

Big companies and startups that use AWS

These are some companies and startups that started using Amazon Web Services to improve their business. With this they managed to create a revenue stream, that means, adjust faster to a quick change of the number of consumers and demand, speed up their processes both in development and in employee efficiency, and increase the data protection reducing the risks. 

  • Coca Cola   

Coca Cola uses the AWS resources to facilitate the product distribution network and focus all the necessary services only in one place.

  • Netflix

Netflix uses these services to storage, data banks, analysis, they use more than 100.000 server functions. The solution is based on Amazon Kinesis Streams. Using Kinesis Streams the Netflix can process the flow of billions of people that access the platform every day. About 1.000 shards operate simultaneously to process all the data. This way they can find and solve the problems in real-time.

  • Mac Donald’s 

They created a delivery service model, using AWS in 4 months.

  • Airbnb

Started to use this recourse only one year after it started and nowadays, they already use almost all the services offered, because of the trust and scalability.

  • Next door 

They needed a platform that supported a big number of app members and AWS was the solution.

  • F1

Formula one uses this service to provide more information to the fans through Amazon SageMaker, uses o AWS High-Performance Compute to increase their car performance and other resources too.

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