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How the Nubank grow and how to open an account

Nubank is a startup or fintech that was founded by three partners an American, a Columbian, and a Brazilian. Started with the goal of solved their consumers’ financial problems using the technology for easier these processes and over with the bank’s delay and bureaucracy. In the beginning, it was based in a small house with less then 60 employees, today has more than 2 thousand employees and is considered one of the most innovative companies from Latin America. Nowadays the company is evaluated in US$ 10,4 billion.

What factors helped in Nubank’s growth?

The Nubank always had your goals in mind the focus and persistence to get where they want is one of the main reasons for their growth. Since the beginning, its partners established which was the company culture that they wanted.

Nubank has five principal pillars since the beginning and that continues today

  • The consumer always is the focus 
  • Always have the wish to grow, always defy the current situation 
  • All the crew need to think like the owner
  • Always thinks like a team, exchange ideas
  • Learn for a smart efficiency 

Investment rounds are away by the majority startups and fintechs use to get founds and this way accelerates their growth.

The Nubank until last year received 7 investment rounds of big companies its first investment was in 2013 of US$ 2 million and was did by Sequoia Capital and Kaszek Ventures. After this first round, the investment values were only increasing companies like Tiger Global, TCV, Dragoneer and any other were some that participated in these rounds. The seventh round in 2019 had an amount of US$ 400 million.

Nubank recourses 

It offers its consumers a digital account without fee and a credit card without an annuity, but first is necessary pass by an analysis of credit. Unlimited TEDs and free, debit function, all the money that stays stopped in your checking account automatically yields 100% of CDI. It has a Nubank Rewards service that you need to be a monthly value this resource makes you accumulate points that can be used in airline tickets, accommodation, and other services like Netflix. Its consumer service is very good and already received awards by that.

How works and how to create an account 

 The Nuconta is the Nubank account offers for their clients more facility leaving behind the bank’s bureaucracy, to open your account on Nubank isn’t necessary to pass by anyone credit analyzes, and is possible make transfers for other Nubank accounts and other banks too, the transfers can be made via TED or split. If you have the card paying with your account, your limit backs just in time.

To open your account is very simple, first, you access the Nubank site or blog and click on the button “ I want to join Nubank”, after filling the fields with your documents, so click on “I want to join Nubank” after this will be necessary wait a few days for the confirmation.

To create a card the “roxinho” there are 4 simple and online ways to do that, can be by the blog or site you clicking on “I want to join Nubank”, by the app or through a link that a friend that already use the card can sand to you. 

Unfortunately, the Nubank account and card are just available if you live in Brazil.

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