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How Airbnb achieved success and how to register

Airbnb started in 2008 when two designer friends, that lived in California, decided to create a website and rent some spaces in their apartment to pay the rent, and on the first day, they got three guests. After the first week, they started to receive messages asking if the site would be available for other destines too. Initially called Airbed & Breakfast. Today the service is present in more than 192 countries and is evaluated in US$ 30 billion.

With the time people started to share more than only places to stay on the website and started to offer other things like parking spaces, so what started as a hosting website has become the world’s largest shared economy app.

How it has grown 

The two friends made an initial investment of US$ 30 thousand, but in the beginning, the app wasn’t so successful until that in the middle of the next year they receive financing of US$20 million which was the beginning for their growth, but wasn’t enough and they only billed 200 dollars by week what didn’t help in the growth and many companies rejected them. A factor that helped was offered what the consumers were searching, in the beginning, the photos of the houses weren’t very well so they have gone from house to house taking good pictures after this they started to receive good financial feedback and grew faster. They managed to participate in a round of investment worth US$600 million of Sequoia Capital and Y Combinator. 

In 2014 reached a value of 10 billion, the company participated in a total of seven rounds of investment. 

What are the advantages of registering your residence on Airbnb  

Rent your house, room or any kind of accommodation that you have is a great way to get money and generate extra income besides be easy and safe. The website has a safe of US$1 million against accidents and property damage that your establishment may have.

To do your register is very simple you show you space without any registration fee, you can put the guest requirements, your prices besides being able to communicate with your guest by messages.

With the ad on the website, you reach millions of people around the world, if you not getting guests other hosts that have more experience can help you and give tips to improve your situation. You receive assistance 24 hours of Airbnb team to help you with the ad and concerns with the guests besides have access to many hosting tools kits.

The associates receive money from the accommodation’s disclosure, this is a good option if you have a blog, if you are an influencer or if like share trips content with people. You win 30% of the service fee every time that someone reserves accommodation through your recommendation links. 

Accommodation options 

 Airbnb provides to the guests some accommodation options having in mind which are your goals with this trip. Besides existing hosts that can provide to you the perfect experience in your trip.

  • Open homes

If you are searching for temporary accommodation and don’t have how to pay by that this is the perfect resource for you, the open house hosts offer to you places in their homes that are available.

  • Airbnb for work

If you manage the trips for your company this option is great, you have access to collaborative spaces, the best accommodations, experiences in your crew formation besides staying in a welcoming and that helps in the working income.

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