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Best 5 transport apps and public transport app

Nowadays a lot of people are choosing transport apps rather than public transport, the big reason is comfort and practicality. Using these apps you can reach the door of your destiny in a faster way. There are some advantages in these apps use, some of them are cheaper price than a taxi, comfortability, security, facility.

  • Uber

Our first suggestion is a very famous app that made a revolution in the transport industry. It is a North American company that started in 2009 and is present in more than 63 countries, become a billionaire company. You can share your trip with your friends and family in real-time, you may receive discount coupons on your trip and chose the best option for a car for yours. There are three payment methods that you can choose, the options are money, cards that are registered in your app account, and PayPal.

The Uber has some criteria for the driver’s car for the users always have comfort, it has a good price but can change depending on the car model that can be the UberX, with more accessible prices, the UberBlack, which the drives have more experience and the cars have leather benches.

  • Capify

Capify is available in many countries worldwide. It works pretty much the same way that the other transport apps, you share your real-time location and can choose the best route for your destiny. At the end of the trip, the user and the driver may leave a review, the payment is debited automatically on your account.

  • Easy

Easy is a Capify’s company and it is a great taxi app, but the price is cheaper than the common taxis. There are some options the EasyPlus VIP cars and more comfortable, EasyTaxi, faster service, and the EasyEconomy, which offers more accessible and economic service. The app has easy functionality and the same principle as others. 

  • Waze and Waze Carpool

Waze is an app that helps to facilitate your life in traffic showing in real-time the situation and the best routs to decrease the time for your destiny, this information must be offered by the users.

Waze Carpool works differently from other apps that we mentioned above, it is a carpool app this factor makes it ends up becoming a cheaper alternative, so if you want specialized drivers this is not the app for you. This service is available in The United States, Brazil, and Israel. If you use the Waze app don’t need to download anything more inside of the app there is the carpool option. The driver and the user that needs a carpool can talk and decide about the hour and the price.

  • Transit. Bus & Subway Time

This app is perfect for you that doesn’t want to lose your bus time or the train time, on it you can the nearest transport to you. It is based on real-time information instead of the hour that the bus must pass in the bus station. The app works to see the nearest Uber to. 

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