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Do you want to work at Google? See the advantages and how to get a place

Google was founded in 1998, and today is one of the biggest software development technology companies in the world, and that makes it become the dream job of several young people. It is a great company to work at look always for innovation, and this can be seen in its offices that bring a young vibe with more flexibility and fun. For being one of the most crowded companies for work it has the best employees in the technology area. 

Advantages of work at Google


The media of salaries in these companies are high, even for interns that usually earn an average of US$6.600 monthly, and for the graduated employees, the salary can reach more than 23 thousand. Marketing and commercial areas also have a high salary.

Benefits plan 

Google has several benefits for its employees and lots of conveniences too. We can say that this is a tactic of the company for facility the employees’ lives and let them without concerns and focus on their jobs. 

Some benefits present in this plan are: 

  • Early news 

Google allows its employees to test and use its products before the launch they have access to tablets, computers, smartphones, and many others. 

  • Free food

The employees have access to all the meals that they need inside o the company without the need to pay anything for this. 

Personalized career plan 

When you start to work at this multinational, someone more experienced will help you to track your goals inside the company and make a personalized career plan for you. This way, professionals stay more motivated to reach their objectives, and this helps in their professional growth. 

Free time for your projects 

All people inside the company can use 20% of their time for work in their projects. But while you have more flexibly times to realize your stuff, there is a strong charge about goals and deadlines. 

What it takes to work at Google

  • Mastery of English 

It is a multinational so, charges a lot the mastery of English, and throughout the selection processes, the candidates’ skills are putting to the test. 

  • Alignment with the company’s proposal 

The Google’s rating criteria and the selection processes usually are the same in anywhere of the world, commonly are a few long processes, and they search for make sure that the candidate, going to a good relationship with their bosses and companions, even if inside the company this idea of hierarchy works as a horizontal hierarchy.

They also search for employees that intend to grow together with the company and track their career within it. 

  • Diversity 

Google search for has a diversified corporate environment, and this is a factor that they consider a lot, show that you can be versatile and how this can increase in the company. 

  • Cognitive abilities 

People that work at Google say that this is one of the main factors taken into consideration by the company because it looking for unique employees that have cognitive abilities to have creativity. 

  • Be passionate about what you do. 

Google always says that the differential of their employees is the fact that they are passionate about their jobs, so have this in mind when applying for the job, try to think “Do I love what I do?”

Some professions to work at Google

This multinational offer jobs for professionals specialized in several areas, but here we will list just for you to have an idea. It is important to remember that you can apply for a job as an intern and already started to work there before even finish your studies. 

  • Software engineer
  • Advertising
  • Marketing professional
  • Financial analyst
  • Information Technology Professional 

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