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Best ideas for mobile devices apps. 7 options for you start your startup in 2020

People are searching more and more for apps that responding to their needs and that are innovative in relation to those that are already in the market. Annually the number of downloaded apps reaches 258 billion. People are downloading more apps but the majority after the first use ends up uninstalling because sometimes it’s not the way that they were expecting or because of the lack of quality.

Here we’ll give you some application tips that have chances of growing more and more and that possibly will be good investment places.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A lot of people say that AI is the future of the mobile apps and the future of technology, today we have already some AI examples like SIRI of Apple, Google assistant, Cortana of Microsoft, and Alexa of Amazon. Many companies are investing a lot of money in AI and voice assistant that turns easier and faster the user’s tasks. 

  • Health Apps 

After all that we are living in the middle of a pandemic, an app like that will be very desired by users. In your app may exist a list of basic viruses symptoms like flu, maybe the user history, and the emergency numbers. Having in mind this moment that we are living many other ideas can arise, use your creativity, and think about viable ideas. 

Think about health we can create things like an app for healthy eating, or home exercise app, people nowadays are increasingly worried about their health and that can be an opportunity for your business.

  • Apps based on cloud storage 

Storage on cloud is used for developing many projects including mobile apps, but talk about data security and storage is never too much because are a lot of things that you can develop using this. Apps that have their data on the cloud and enable users to be used without having to be downloaded are perfect and provide more functionality besides becoming much faster. It is more attractive for the user that doesn’t need to use the mobile’s storage. 

  • VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality)

VR is having prominence in areas like games and entertainment. Famous brands have already developed services with VR like the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. It is a versatile service, that is able to be developed in other areas like health and streaming services.

  • Internet of Things

In 2020 the number of connected devices will reach 20 billion and are included in this number many services in many different areas. People are searching for apps that are able to solve all their needs in one place mainly in their houses and workplace. An app where they can control all the things.

  • Remote work app

Nowadays people are searching for more flexible jobs and that gives them the possibility of performing their tasks remotely in a technological way, so an app that enables the user finds work opportunities is an excellent solution for connecting people who need these services with people who are searching for an opportunity. 

  • No-code 

It is a recent term, but that is making success and which promises to win more highlight. No-code is a fast solution for the creation of apps, which is a simple way to solve the user’s problems. With this solution, won’t be necessary many people working on one project. 

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