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How works Facebook Ads and why is different from Google Ads

Facebook is a very famous social media created in 2004, and today has more than 2 billions of users in all world. Through Facebook Ads, you can create one or many pages to announce your service on this platform.

This platform has many ways to do you reach your target audience, on this platform you select your goals with marketing and starting these goals you decide what is the best ad to you.

How it works

With Facebook Ads your target audience is reached using the segmentation resource, selecting people that have a profile of interest with your service. Facebook selects the more relevant to each user having in mind the posts that they give like and the content that they get interested in. The Facebook algorithm is always changing so it is better to add a paid ad in our company and don’t stay only with the organic ads.

You can do this advice using Instagram too, which is from the same Facebook company. On Instagram like on Facebook you can do your ads using photos and videos.

Kinds of ads

You need to have a plan before doing your ads, define your goals, and in what area you want your company to grow. Facebook has some kinds of ads and you can define which one will be better for your company. These are some kind of ads that Facebook offers:

  • Brand awareness

If your intention using this platform is to get recognition and make people that maybe have an interest in your service find you this is a good resource for your ad.

  • Reach

The goal with reach is to make that your ad is seen for a big number of people in your target audience, you can define the location of the people that will see your ad.

  • Traffic

It is the perfect ad to generate traffic to your site, this ad forward people to your page inside or out of Facebook.

  • Engagement

It makes that your post gets more engagement, you created an ad for the people to have more interaction with your posts.

  • Video views 

 It works basically like engagement but focusing on videos. 

  • Conversions

This kind of ad makes the people access your page and execute some action inside it.

What is the biggest difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads?

The main difference is the way by which you will reach your target audience. On Google Ads, you chose if your ad will or not appear for people based in the keyword in their searches, while on Facebook Ads it gives to you the possibility of choosing the characteristics of the user that you wish to reach, through their preferences, location, and other factors.

On Facebook maybe the users that will see your ad don’t be the more qualified, by the fact that it is a social media, and people are in a relaxed moment but is a good platform for you to understand better your consumers. On Google Ads probably using the Google search you will reach more qualified people and with more chances of buying your product or service.

But the best option is not to choose just of these services, if you make ads on these two platforms will be the perfect way to reach your target audience and make a lot of people see your ads.

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