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How to have a good position on Google ranking in 2020 with SEO and SEM

SEO is the organic traffic of your site, which are techniques that you use for improving your site’s position on Google ranking. There are two kinds of SEO

SEO On- page: Based on your site content 

SEO Off-page: It is the site link present on other sites like a recommendation.

SEM are sponsored links, paid ads. This way becomes easier to be recommended on search apps. You can do this using Google Ads and Bing, or using other platforms out like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing), as we talked it comes to sponsored links, that help increase your views on search platforms, through pay-per-click. Using SEM your ads will always be on the top of the organic ads if you have a store for example when your consumers search by products that you have your ad will appear on a different way, will appear on the shape of shopping that is one of the kinds of ads that Google Ads has, or for example, people search for establishment near their locations the first ones will be again the pay ads.

The generation of organic traffic gives goods results too and a good cost-benefit for your site. It does not have an expiration date so it will give profits for a long time, another important point for highlight is the fact that only is necessary an initial investment for the production of your content but different of SEM here there is not pay-per-click. 

Strategies of SEO

To be able to generate leads using SEO is a necessary start to do some strategies on your site for you start to be ranked organically.

  • Keywords

The keywords are great allies for good SEO, they are the most searched words by the users on the search apps being essential in your text. 

  • Understand Google’s algorithm

Understand how to work the Google’s algorithm and what it analyzes to put the sites on the best positions.

  • Mobile first 

Nowadays this is a factor that Google considers a lot. The users are each time more using their cell phones for search so have a site with a design accessible for mobile is very important. 

  • Backlinks

 They are links to your site present on another site like a recommendation, this way Google understand that you have good content and that people like it. You can make partnerships to facilitate this. 

  • Flashy title

The flashy title gets people’s attention, tries to use numbers, and urgency terms like “find today”, “find now”. Put the year of your post on the title too to show that they are actual, for example, “best strategies for 2020”.

A good strategy for this is you search the sites that use Google Ads and try to find ideas starting from the title that they are using.

  • Safe site

This factor gives credibility for your site, that padlock on your URL shows for your reader that your site is safe and let them more relax for access it.

Editorial opinion 

Both ways of generating traffic can bring results for your site, and grow the sales, but have some important points to considerate. Using SEM, the chances that your ad appears on the search results are bigger than using SEO, but if you really invest in SEO and start using the tips for optimizing your organic traffic this method can be effective too.

The best method to generate traffic and make ideal digital marketing for your site is to work with SEM and SEO inside of your company and get tighter the reach that they both have.

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