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Advantages of advertising on Google Ads and its innovate bidding and CPC strategies

Google Ads is nothing more than a platform of sponsored links where companies can make their ads. The companies start to use Google Ads to stay on the first positions on the results of searches, but like these ads are base on keywords and there are many on the rise Google makes auctions to decide who will stay in the first position.

How Google Auctions works

These auctions are based on the amount they are pay by the CPC (Cost Per Click), but always thinking in offer what the users wish to find in their search Google never put the quality and the relevance of the content aside. To define your position on ranking Google makes the amount that you will pay by the CPC multiplied by your quality score. Your quality score is based on some factors:

  • Destiny page
  • The relevance of your content
  • Your CTR

On Ads you can see the percentage of times that your site appears like the result of the search and see who is above you, this is a great way to understand because you are not on the best positions and if necessary make an outranking share bidding that is a strategy to all time that the ad that you choose overcome yours you pay more by the CPC.

Reasons to advertise on Ads

If you start your company now, a startup, maybe you are thinking that advertise using sponsored links do not be a good strategy for you, because do not have a lot of money for pay by CPC and will stay in a bad position on ranking, but if I say that doesn’t work like that. I already said that Google considers a lot the site quality, and the content relevance for the user, so it is not necessary to pay a big amount by click because in the end is the set of these two factors that will determine your position. Try to invest in the recourses that you can have at the moment and focus on the quality of your site.

If your company is consolidated in the market Google Ads will be perfect to continue increasing the recognition of your company, if you have a good value to spend with digital marketing, plus your ad quality without doubts you will stay in a good position on the ranking. 

Advantages of Google Ads

  • Gives results faster than SEO

To make a good SEO and that generate traffic for your site is not easy, but when you use Google Ads even that your SEO does not be the best it will give you chances of occupying the best positions. 

  • Segmentation 

Google is based on keywords and the people that search by them like we already talked, so using the keyword you can reach your target audience. You may let visible your ads to people basing on the location and some user’s personality traits.

  • You can choose the kind of ad is better for your company

Google has some kinds of ads for you to decide which is better for your company. You can choose between display ads, YouTube, shopping, and search network.

  • Spending control

You can know how many accesses you are having besides getting define a maximum value to spend by month. You can have an idea of the value that is invested per month is enough, accessing the number of people that access your site.

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